IT Support & Solutions

Fully Managed IT Service

Evercom offers all in one IT Maintenance, support & solutions customised to your requirements. Learn more >

IT Managers & Departments

We provide solutions for large IT set-ups that already have on site full-time/part-time IT staff. Learn more >

Pay As You Go Support

IT support is designed for organisations that require an IT team and engineers on an ad-hoc basis. Learn more >

Telecoms & Broadband

Business Calls & Line Rentals

We can provide much more than cost reductions when it comes to Business calls & line rentals. Learn more >

Phone Systems & Video Conference

Our telecommunications experts can advise you on the best phone systems to suit your business. Learn more >

Cloud & Hosted Telecoms (VOIP)

Our cloud & hosted telecoms service enables you to make phone calls from anywhere with internet access. Learn more >

Cloud Services

Hosted Desktop & Email

Our hosted desktop & email service provides ultimate mobility and collaboration solution for your company. Learn more >

Mobile Workforce & BYOD

Stay ahead of the competition by making your company more flexible with a mobile workforce. Learn more >

Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Evercom can help make sure that your company has strong data backup systems in place. Learn more >

Why Choose Evercom?

Industry Focused

Every industry is different and this is why we tailor our solutions and support to meet your requirements. We support a variety of different organisations from law and financial firms to charities.

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24/7 Support & Monitoring

With 24/7 support and constant monitoring we're always on hand to solve any potential issues before they happen.

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In-house data centre

Our data centre is located on site so any major cloud, server or data issues can be dealt with effectively and swiftly by our engineers.

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More than just IT Support

We aim to help you achieve your goals whether it is to grow, be more productive or improve efficiency. Being cloud computing enablers, we're always on top of new innovations and practices.

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All in One - IT, Telecom & Cloud

Covering all aspects business IT, Evercom can be your first point of call for any technology issue and provide independent advice on services that we may not manage for you.

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No Risk - No hidden fees

With a transparent billing system you get a full view of your IT expenses. You can also try us for a month with no long term contracts to sign. We offer many flexible packages including a simple pay monthly service.

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Free Resource Downloads

Practical resources such as tips, guidelines and insights for the world of Business IT today.

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Business & Marketing Technology

Let us keep you informed with business & marketing technology developments that'll make a positive impact on your business.

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