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Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery

As reliance on technology and instant access to data grows, making sure your company has a disaster protection policy and data backup system is place is no longer a luxury, but an essential part of any business IT practice.

Secure offsite data backups and up to date security procedures are crucial to protecting your business and securing your internal network.

IT Security

Thanks to years of experience in the IT industry, Evercom can advise you and help implement procedures covering most security areas including:

  • Password Policies
  • Server Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Private Network Policies
  • Security Logs
  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus
  • Security software for Wireless Internet.

Our security experts aim to give advice tailored to your specific business requirements and consistently use best practice to protect your systems from threats.

Contact us today to discuss a security plan that suits your budget and requirements.

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

What kind of backup plan do you have for your sensitive and confidential files? The consequences of losing valuable data cannot be underestimated so having data backups and a secure disaster recovery plan can safeguard your business and give you peace of mind.

Even if you regularly back up your business data to a server, an external hard drive or a tape, it may still be at risk in the event of a disaster. This is why our experts always recommend to keep your critical data safely and securely stored off-site.

On Site Data centre

Thanks to our on-site data centre we are in a prime position to provide the safest and quickest solution for your requirements – from data recovery in case of disaster to the storage of sensitive data and information.

Data backups services

  • Offsite data storage
  • Automatic daily data back ups
  • No impact on your day to day operations
  • Passwords and secure encryption for all data
  • No lost data in case of a disaster

In addition, our Disaster Recovery Systems allow you to always be online and to recover quickly from any outage.

Our fully qualified IT consultants carry out regular assessments of clients’ systems, software and processes to ensure that their business backup and security procedures are up to date. They then recommend any changes to further secure systems.

Contact us on 0800 849 5555 with any enquiries around IT security, backups or disaster recovery and find out how Evercom could help your business.

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