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Business Innovation

Business technology never stops evolving; this is why we make a daily effort to keep on top of all new solutions, applications, hardware and practices that could help our clients move their business forward.

We can run a free assessment of your current set up and see if any solution fits your needs.

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We focus on growth, mobility, communication and productivity within an organisation’s operation while also looking.at easier and cost effective ways to share secure data, communicate and train your associates and clients.

Evercom also covers areas such as:

All projects are thoroughly planned and discussed to determine ROI and suitability for your business.

Cloud Computing

Enhancements in cloud technology have allowed SME’s to compete with their larger rivals. In addition, the cloud has allowed companies of all sizes in terms of technology, marketing and data storage to access critical applications from anywhere in the world through an internet connection.

Being cloud computing enablers we can talk you through a strategy that is suitable for your business.

  • Do you need mobile employees?
  • Do you need instant access to company and client data wherever you are?
  • Do you need document management to share and sign off between teams?
  • Is a simple shared folder for your company not cutting it anymore?
  • Do you want a login anywhere to have all your applications, documents available to train or present to clients?
  • Would it help to unify your phone system & client database?
  • Would it help to be able to set up video conference instantly without any of your attendees having to leave their desk
  • Do you have multiple sites and want to call them for free?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, get in touch with our IT consultants today to discuss your requirements.

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