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Business Calls & Line Rentals

We believe there is more to business telecom contracts than just cost reductions made by switching providers.

By allowing Evercom to analyse what you are already paying, you will not only reduce your outgoings but you’ll also receive excellent customer service and rapid priority level support by our in-house team.

Business telecoms benefits

Compared to other major telecom providers, we do not have long queuing systems and will not transfer your call abroad.

As we partner with three major distributors in terms of telecom and commutations, your transfer to us will be seamless with 0% downtime and no need to change any contact numbers.

  • Save up to 30% on your bill
  • Fast customer service & response time
  • Customisable rates on call destinations
  • Itemised billing
  • Reduced downtime
  • Business priority levels

Bespoke telecom solutions

All telecom contracts are personalised to your business needs: the rates are customised based on your call patterns whether you make more local, national or international calls therefore maximising cost savings.

Peace of mind

As we wholesale BT Lines, we buy at a lower rate and can pass the savings onto you. Not just at the start of the contract but each year when we review our pricing to ensure we remain competitive.

With Evercom being your first point of call and dealing with your faults and escalations, you’ll have the peace of mind of being part of a secure (BT) network while getting a more personal customer service experience.

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